Thursday, 13 August 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty Two

I had a very quiet day today. 

Zita and I went for a very nice slow walk this morning. 

Because it is a very beautiful day outside this morning. 

But it is going to be a too hot day after breakfast time.

So we had our breakfast inside. 

Then a very nice lady came to talk to Zita. 

They talked for a long time all about how to make our from garden as beautiful as can be.

After the nearly falling down trees are all gone. Oh dear. Oh dear.

Then Craig was all awake and we had our together toasts. 

With the especially good for toasts bread from Mister Saint Albert’s full of cheese store. Ha.

And Craig put the special delicious jam on it too. Ha. 

Then it was time for me to go to work with my friend Zita. In our own office. Ha.

At lunchtime Craig and I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich. 

With the brand new from around here honey. 

You can only find it at Mister Saint Albert’s store. It is very tasty honey. It is known. 

After I had my own lunch I went back to our office to help Zita. Ha.

I did not dig any holes today. Good for me.

Then after lunch I helped Niamh clean the black go fast car until it was all as clean as could be. Ha. 

That is a good job. 

I sat in the front seat and looked out all the windows to make sure we were always safe. Ha. 

Then Zita and the very clean car took Niamh to Miss Tarryn’s house. 

Because it was too hot for a nice bicycle ride. 

Then it was time to go back to our rascal ladies office. 

It was not so very interesting in our office this afternoon. 

So I had a very nice nap. On my favourite rug in the kitchen.

Then Zita was all finished with our work so we went on a very nice all over walk. 

We found Professor Jill and the little dog. So they came with us too. 

I was not even very tired when I got home.

Because of my long nap. Ha. Good for us. 

Maybe we will have another altogether dinner tonight. Maybe we will have beans too. Ha. 

We did not watch any detectives last night.

Because everybody was at the dining room table telling very interesting stories. 

Right until my bedtime. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty One

Today is our Wednesday do not go to work day. Ha.

Craig had a nice stay in bed listening to his story day. 

Zita and I had a very nice walk. 

And when Craig was all dressed we all had toasts together. 

Then Zita went outside to cut our grass with the cut your toes off machine.

I could not be a big help. So I got in trouble instead. Oh dear.

I dug a big hole in all the stones where the bicycles live at night. 

So there were little stones all over my side yard. And I was in trouble. 

Now I cannot go outside into my own lovely side yard.

Until Zita puts all the stones back to their own place. Too bad for me. 

And everybody knew I got into big trouble. Oh dear. 

That is not so nice. I was a bit of a sad dog. Oh dear me. 

Then Zita and Niamh and Miss Tarryn went in the go fast car to visit Mister Saint Albert’s store.

To get more very tasty cheese. Ha that is a good idea.

Maybe they forgot about the big hole. Maybe.

Craig had used pizza for his lunchtime. I did not have any. 

Because I was still a bit sad about the very big hole. Too bad for me.

When Zita came home the car was full up with everything delicious. Ha. That is a good idea. 

There was a very big bag with lots of cheeses from Mister Saint Albert’s tasty cheese store. 

And they found lots of as new as could be vegetables. And some more peaches too. Ha. 

Right there in the country. Where all the cows live. Ha.

They bought them right from the very nice farmers.

There was even a bag of my very very favourite beans too. Ha. 

And they went to Zita’s very favourite bushes and flowers store. 

So she could get a beautiful little bush for our office. 

And they found the delicious brand new very delicious donuts bakery again. 

So they got some of their own made bread for our good morning toasts too. 

The go fast car was all full up. Ha.

I think Zita forgot all about the hole. That is good.

So then I took Zita on a lovely beautiful before dinnertime walk. 

We did not even look at the hole. Not even once. Good for us. 

Maybe we can have a nice altogether dinner tonight. 

Maybe with beans. 

Maybe with delicious cheese too.

When we got home from our walk I was a very hot dog. 

So I had to wait a little bit for my dinner. 

Because sometimes if you eat your dinner when you are too hot you get a sick tummy. 

And nobody wants to have a sick tummy. It is known. 

Maybe we will have donuts tonight when we watch the new detective program.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty

After Zita drove Niamh to downtown Zita and I went for our good morning walk.

And we saw my friends the ducks in our pond.

The nasty geese were not there today. Ha. The ducks were very happy. 

We did not go for a long all over walk this morning.

Because it was all sticky hot day outside today.

So we came home to our cool house so we could go to work in our rascal ladies office. 

So I hada very nice quiet day. All day. Ha. 

Craig made Zita’s fluffy coffee for our important only on the computer meeting.

When Craig had his own too much coffees he had some scotsmen’s cookies.

So I had to help him. Good for me.

My friend Emmet is still on his own little vacation. 

So he is only writing a little bit of his other story. 

The one for the little magazine all about very very old interesting stories.

Craig and I had a very fat toast for our lunch. It was an all filled with honey toast. That was a nice toast.

Then the go fast car brought Niamh home before the too loud thunder and lightning came. Oh dear me.

So I went downstairs to Niamh’s bedroom so the thunder does not know where I am. Ha. Good for me.

But the noisy thunder did not stay here today. That is good. 

Miss Tarryn came over to visit. Then Niamh and Miss Tarryn went to visit somewhere. I do not know why. 

We did not go for our before dinner walk because every time the rain stopped it started again. That is silly.

So I stay in the den so I could mind Craig. 

He was just reading the book the present man brought yesterday.

Monday, 10 August 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty Nine

Everybody was all awake early today. Except for Craig. Too bad for him.

Emmet’s friends found a not so very big apartment for all of them. With lots of bedrooms. 

In way far away in Ireland Cork.

It is very near the train station but not so very near their old university. Oh dear. 

But it is only a little bit of long walk. That is good.

And Niamh is very busy early today too. 

She is doing her class so she can drive a car. All by herself. 

Zita made her the special studying coffee.

Because Craig was still in bed. Listening to his new book. Oh dear me. 

Zita and I had two walks this morning. Ha.

We went out before our good morning to all the rascal ladies meeting. 

And then when the meetings were all over Zita had to go for a little walk to empty her own head. 

So I went with her. In case her all empty head forgot where our house was. I would not forget. 

Dogs do not forget where their house is. Ha. 

When we went for our second walk it was very hot outside. 

It was not so very hot when we went on our first walk. But now it is.  Oh dear.

Craig did not have a tasty breakfast this morning. He only had his too much coffee. 

I do not know why. 

When he had his another coffee it was almost lunchtime. So he had a fat toast and tasty jam. 

I was not so busy so I could help him eat it. 

But then I had to go back to work being Zita’s special helper. Ha. That is a good job.

My friends the ducks were not in my pond this morning.

Because there were some awful giant geese there. The ducks do not like the geese. Me either.

They are too messy and noisy. Oh dear. 

Maybe some of the jump in the pond dogs will chase them all away. Ha. That is a good idea.

After lunchtime Emmet went for his go all over walk. Even in the too hot.,

Because his head was a bit too full up with the very old Irish stories. Oh dear. 

But he saw the awful geese chasing my friends the ducks. Right in our pond. Oh dear. That is not all right. 

Maybe our giant fish catcher bird will come back and chase all the awful geese away. 

Emmet did not stay out very long because of the too hot outside. That is good.

But Niamh went out. 

Because she was helping Miss Tarryn to move to her nearly new apartment. 

Mister SD’s big truck is going to help too. That is good. 

There was very loud thunder this afternoon. So I just stayed in the den with my friend Craig. 

And we had cookies. Scotsmen’s cookies. Ha. 

Craig is not even a bit afraid of the too loud thunder. That is good. 

And when it was all over it was just the right time for our before dinner walk. Ha. Silly thunder.

Niamh was still be moving things into Miss Tarryn’s new apartment.

So we did not have our altogether dinner. Oh well. Too bad for her.

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty Eight 

It is sleep in Sunday today.

But only Emmet had a sleep in.

Craig and I did not have a sleep in. 

Because Zita and Niamh were still at the cottage. 

So we had to be up early so we could look out my watching window. 

To make sure everything was all right outside my house. It is my own all the time job. 

Craig had another Mister Kettleman’s cinnamon rollup for his breakfast.

But I could not help him eat it today. 

Because I was way too busy chasing the awful squirrels away from my side yard. Oh dear me.

Then Craig and I played catch the ball before he had his another coffee.

Last night Mister Ryder the dog came to visit Zita and Niamh. At Kathy’s cottage. Right on the dock. 

And then Mister Ryder swam back to his own cottage with Mister David. 

But Mister David rowed his little boat. 

Maybe he is not such a good swimmer as Mister Ryder. Maybe.

It was only Zita and Niamh at the cottage today.

Because everybody else had to go home yesterday. 

So Zita and Niamh went for a nice just together swim this morning. That was nice. 

Craig and I had used pizza for our lunchtime. 

I was very hungry. Because I forgot to eat my own breakfast. 

Because of all the awful squirrels. In my side yard. Too bad for me. 

It was not even a bit sunny today. And sometimes there was the you cannot even see it rain.

So we did not play our after lunchtime catch the ball game. Too bad for us.

So I had a quiet afternoon.

Emmet played his dragons game last night with his friends from the nice university. 

But they were attacked by a pirate.

Right on their computers. Oh dear me. That is not so nice.

Before dinnertime the go fast car brought Zita and Niamh home from the cottage.

And it was just in time for our before dinner walk. 

So we went for our very nice very long walk. And it was not a bit rainy. That was good.

We are having Irish chicken for our altogether dinner tonight. Ha. That is a tasty dinner.

Maybe we will watch the detective program tonight.

Because we can only watch the detective programs when Zita is home. It is the rule. Ha. 

Saturday, 8 August 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty Seven 

We did not have a sleep in today.

Because Zita and Niamh are not here this morning. They are still at the Mahoney’s cottage.

With Miss Tarryn and Miss Sash and Miss Georgie too. Ha.

And last night they went out to the very big island. 

In the very little boats. Oh dear me.

And they went swimming too. Last night right in Kathy’s lake. 

There are no very fierce sharks in that lake. That is good. 

Sometimes fierce sharks just gobble people right up. Oh dear me. That is not so nice. 

But our beautiful lakes get all frozen up all over in the wintertime. 

So then the sharks cannot get in. Ha. Silly sharks.

That is good. 

Last night a nice man brought Craig and Emmet lots of Mister Kettleman’s very tasty bagels. Ha.

And we had some for our dinnertime. They were brand new still hot bagels. Ha. Good for us.

And the man brought some cinnamon roll ups too. 

So Craig had one for his breakfast. Ha. 

Mister Paul came to our house this morning to borrow our take it with you fold up chair.

For the old friends breakfast picnic. 

But Craig did not go. I do not know why. Oh well.

It is a very beautiful day outside today. 

But I did not go for a good morning walk today. 

Because Zita is not here so I am in charge.

So when I am in charge I have stay here to mind the house. It is my favourite job.

So Craig and I played catch the ball instead. Right in our side yard.

It is a beautiful day at the cottage too. Zita sent us a picture. Ha.

This is the special just for cottages weather. Ha. Lucky for them. 

Maybe Mister Ryder the dog is at his cottage too. He is a likes to visit everybody dog.

Because there are no sheep at the cottage for him to mind. Oh dear. Too bad for him.

When Niamh is at Kathy’s cottage she always sits right on the dock. 

In the comfy chairs. It is her favourite place at the cottage.

When she is not swimming in the water there is even a pretend island at the cottage. 

So you can have a lovely rest. When you are swimming. Ha. That is a good idea.

Craig and I did not have a peanut butter and honey sandwich for our lunch today. 

We had delicious peaches instead. And we put some brown sugar right on top. 

Because it is the summertime time. 

And that is the time we always have our from nearly right here peaches.

Those are our favourite peaches. 

We had to eat them for our lunch before Emmet ate all of them. All by himself. Ha. Good for us.

Then I had a very nice nap. Outside in my side yard.

Because it is a way beautiful day today.

Mister Tony is going to make us tasty pizzas for our dinner tonight. 

And Mister Paul is going to have dinner with us too. 

Zita and Niamh and her friends had their own made dinner altogether. 

In the very beautiful evening. At the beautiful cottage. 

Craig will watch a noisy movie or maybe a hockey game before we go to fast asleep. Good for us.

Friday, 7 August 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty Six

I had a very nice long walk this morning. Zita and I had an all over to everywhere walk. 

Because it was a very beautiful day this morning.. 

But we saw a tree with it’s changing colour leaves. 

In a while it will be time for the trees to be empty again. Oh dear. 

And we saw a man. In our canal. 

He was rowing a very little boat. I do not know why. Oh well.

My friend cousin Orlaith and her lady friends have a much bigger fast boat.

But not in our canal. It is on a river in way far away Ireland. 

When we back home it was time for work. So I minded Zita in our own office. 

Then Craig brought her the very fluffy coffee for our good morning meeting.

The go fast car took Niamh downtown this morning. For her work.

But Emmet did not have to do his writing his important story work today.

Because he made his own vacation. Ha. That was a good idea.

When Craig had his next too much coffee he had round toasts too. Ha.

With the very delicious from Mister Saint Albert’s store jam.

So I went into the living room to help him.

Round toasts with jam are my favourite. Ha. 

Then I minded him for a little while.

But only for a little while because then I had to help Zita with our rascal ladies work. 

It is not our vacation time today. Oh well.

When we had our lunch Craig and I had more round toasts. And even with more jam too. Ha.

That was a good lunchtime.

Then I minded him again. He was reading his new book. 

It is a book about the nice policeman in France. 

The one with the very old bumpy car and the brave but not so very big dog.

Those are good books.

It is not so very hard to mind my family when they are reading their interesting books. 

Then you can even have nice minding rests.

Maybe even a nice nap. Ha.

But then lunchtime was all over and I went back to our office. To help Zita.

We were busy all afternoon until it was time to find Niamh downtown. 

And bring her back to our house. 

The Mahoneys are on a little visit to see Tara. In not so far away Toronto.

So Zita and Niamh and Miss Tarryn went to mind their very comfy cottage. 

And even Miss Sash and Miss Georgie went too. In Miss Sash’s brand new truck. Ha. 

On the beautiful lake. 

I did not know this. Nobody told me. Oh dear me.

And they are going to sleep there tonight. And tomorrow too. Oh dear.

So we did not have an altogether dinner tonight. 

It is just Craig and Emmet here for me to mind. 

Maybe I am in charge again. Maybe.

Zita and I went for a little walk before the black car took them up to the cottage.

But I stayed here to guard Craig and Emmet It is my best job.

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty Five

We did not have any nice sleep ins today. Except for my friend Emmet.

Because it is a back to work day today.

Craig did not even have a little sleep in.

Because he had to make all the coffees for everybody. 

Except for Emmet and me. Ha.

He made some very special lots of fluffy coffee with only brown sugar for Niamh. 

And a fluffy coffee for Zita’s good morning everybody meeting. 

And then he had to make his own too much coffees too.

So he had some very tasty cake for his breakfast. 

He said it was because he has to keep his strength up. Ha. That is silly. 

Cakes are not even a bit heavy. 

If you want to get all strong you have to lift up big rocks. 

And carry them all over for a long time. 

Our delicious cakes will not make you very strong. They will just fill you up to the top.

But I got some cake. Ha.

And when he had his next too much coffee we had toasts too. Good for us. 

So today we had two breakfasts. Ha. 

Zita and I had a very lovely long walk this morning. Before our rascal ladies work.

It is not a rainy day today. 

This morning when we looked outside it was just an as blue as could be sky. 

There was not even one cloud. Just a blue sky forever. Ha. That is a good day.

And it was not too hot outside. That is good. 

At night Niamh was on her go fast board. But she fell off and now her knee is all sore.

And her pants had lots of holes in them. 

But they were her full of holes pants anyway.  Oh dear me.

At lunchtime Craig and Zita went for their adventure walk. In the beautiful sunshine.

I stayed here to mind my friend Emmet. 

He is not writing anything today.

Because he is on his vacation. For a whole week. 

So his head will not be way too full anymore. That is good.

So he is just going to go for nice long walks and listen to his very interesting stories on his telephone. 

And have big sleep ins. And eat lots of tasty treats too.

After lunchtime Lee and Cara were on my front patio.

Because their computers could not find anything. 

So they came here so they could find everything.

Because our computers still were all wide awake. 

Niamh was there too. To keep them company. 

Craig had some delicious peaches for his lunchtime.

But I did not have any.

Because I was way too busy in the Rascal Ladies office. Too bad for me. 

Today Miss Georgie came from Toronto to have a stay far away visit with Niamh. 

And Miss Tarryn too. That is nice. 

After our important work I took Zita for a long walk in the beautiful sunshine. 

We always go for nice walks after work. So that all the work in our heads will just fall out. 

So we can have a tasty dinnertime. And not just think about our work.

Before dinner Niamh went to the go fast on a board store. And Miss Tarryn too.

So we will not have an altogether dinner tonight. Oh dear. 

We found a new detective program. It is not scary. That is good. 

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty Four 

Zita and I went for our good morning walk before she went for her run all over everywhere. 

So I was only a very little bit soggy when I minded Craig.

It was a sometimes rainy day today. But not all the time.

My friends the ducks were all in my pond this morning. Sitting on the very little island. 

And all of a sudden they were swimming all over. I did not know why. Oh well.

Craig and Zita and I had our together toasts this morning. With the very tasty jam.

And when Craig had his another too much coffee we had brand new very delicious peaches too.

They are peaches from not so very far away. Zita got them. Just for us.

Because peaches are our family’s favourite. 

Sometimes we even have own made peaches pies. Ha. Good for us.

Niamh was very busy today. She has to learn all the about driving rules. Oh dear.

And Emmet and his friends will have to find another big apartment to live in.

Because some other people got theirs. Oh dear. That is not so nice. Oh dear me.

Mister Charles came back and Zita told him he has to fix a bit of the box. 

The one they built all around Emmet’s window. Oh dear. Too bad for him.

After lunchtime Craig and Zita went on a very long adventure walk.

So I stayed here to mind Emmet and Niamh and the house too. All by myself.

Then the black car had to take Zita to a store. 

Because they sent us something we did not want. It was a mistake. Oh dear. 

So Zita took it back. And I had a very nice long nap. Good for me.

And when she was all back home again we went for a long all over everywhere walk. That was a good idea.

It was not even raining so we were not soggy at all.

We had the make it yourself food from far away Mexico for our dinner. I got a little bit of cheese.

Only a little bit because we are nearly finished our cheese. Oh dear me.

So Zita and Niamh will have to see Mister Saint Albert. Ha. That is a good idea.

We have to find a new detective program tonight. 

Because the last one was all finished. Oh well. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty Three

I had a very quiet day today.

Because it is a holiday day today. But is an only for Zita and me holiday. Ha.  I did not know that. Ha.

But it was not so quiet for Zita. She drove Niamh to downtown for her job.

And then she had to go to my just for very nice animals hospital.

Because all my medicine was all gone. Oh dear.

And then she had to go to the grocery store so we had lots of food for our delicious dinners. Ha.

Zita does not like going to the grocery store so much. 

Because maybe some people do not know the rules. And do not stay nice and far away. Oh dear. 

When I am with her everybody stays far away. It is known. Ha. Good for me. 

That is why I should always go with her. 

But I do not like going in the car very much. Oh dear. Too bad for me. 

Emmet has to give someone money so he and his friends can have big not very messy apartment. 

In way far away Cork.

So Zita had to go to our nice bank so she could give some of Emmet’s money to auntie Eileen.

So auntie Eileen could give it to Emmet’s friends at the old university in Cork. Oh dear.

I do not understand money so much. 

Dogs do not understand money because we do not have any pockets to keep it in. Too bad for us. 

Even my keep me toasty warm from Ireland coat does not have any pockets. Maybe it is a rule. Oh well. 

It is an all the time you cannot see it rain today. 

But you can still get all soggy even if you cannot see it. Oh dear me. 

Emmet is not so very happy today. 

Because a book all about his friends the long long time ago Gods got the story all wrong. 

Even after Emmet told them it was all wrong. 

They wrote it anyway. 

They are not very good listeners. 

People should not buy those not very right books. It is known. Oh dear me.

You should only buy nice books. With no mistakes inside.

Maybe with lots of pictures of nice brave dogs. Those are good books. 

When Niamh came home she had a squeaky clean shower. Right away. 

Because of the rule. It is nice to be squeaky clean. Then nobody says you are too smelly.

Sometimes I am a bit smelly. But then it goes away. Ha. Good for me.

This afternoon I kept Craig company in the den. All afternoon. 

On the very comfy rug. 

Niamh was very busy this afternoon. Learning all the important how to drive a car rules. 

So she can drive the cars all by herself. Ha.

Maybe we will have an nice altogether dinner tonight. That would be nice. 

Monday, 3 August 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty Two 

We did not go to work today. 

Because it is a holiday for everybody.  Even me too. I did not know that it was a holiday. 

So we all had a sleep in. Even Zita. 

And when she was all dressed we went for our before breakfast walk.

But Zita did not have any together breakfast with me today.

Because she went to her friend’s Daphne’s house for a coffee and tasty treats breakfast. Ha.

Miss Daphne makes beautiful clothes too. Just like Zita. 

So I minded Craig on the big comfy bed. He had to listen to some more of his very interesting book.

All about a famous king. 

When he was all fast awake we had some of Zita’s own made delicious made of lemons cake. 

For our breakfast. Ha. 

We had cake for breakfast. That is silly.

We had lots of rain last night. And it caught my friend Niamh. Ha. Too bad for her.

I did not go a walk yesterday. 

Because I did not want to be all soggy like Niamh. Ha. Good for me.

When Zita came home from Miss Daphne’s she had Scotsman’s scones. With cheese inside.

Miss Daphne made them. And we had them for our special after lunchtime extra treat. Ha. Good for us. 

Craig was all too very messy again.

So Zita cut his hair until he was all neat and tidy. Outside in our side yard. Ha. 

Then Zita went to have a little outside visit with Craig’s mothers. 

You can only visit people for a very little while. And only outside. And with a giant mask. 

Because of the rules.

When Zita got home we took Craig on our vacation before dinner walk. Ha.

We did not go so far. 

Because I did not want my friend Craig to get way too hot. And maybe melt. 

So we only went down our other street and then came back home. 

And we were just in time for my first dinner.  Ha.

Lee and Cara and Lyndon and Bruna came home today. From their little vacation.

So Niamh did not have to mind Mister Disney tonight. 

And when she came home she went to fast asleep right away. Ha.

Because now she had her own comfy pillows. 

I think we will watch the always in trouble detective again tonight. That is good.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty One

We had a very quiet morning.

Because it was an all the time rainy morning.

But there was an nasty animal in my side garden. Maybe it was a smelly skunk. Maybe.

But I fierce barked it away. Ha. 

Because I am the very best guarder dog. Craig told me. So it is true.

He had a long stay in bed morning so he could watch the very little very fast cars. 

So I kept him company on the comfy bed. 

Because Zita went to help our friend Profesor Jill bring the nice farmer’s delicious vegetables home. 

So then Craig and Zita and I had our toasts with brand new very tasty strawberries. Ha. That was a good breakfast.

Then Zita went to visit Niamh as Cara and Lee’s house. 

To find some eggs so we can have a very tasty cake or maybe cookies too. Maybe.

Emmet was all awake for lunchtime. But he was all wide awake until the middle of the night too. 

I heard him. He was making his Irish tea. Oh dear. Too bad for him.

Then I had a nice nap. All by myself in the den. 

Because Zita told me it is a lazy day. 

So it is alright to have nice naps when it is too rainy outside to play catch the ball.

After lunchtime Zita made delicious full of lemons cake. 

Lemons are Emmet’s very favourite. Especially lemon cookies. Ha.

But I did not help make the cake today. 

Because I had a very long nice nap in the den. Craig was there too. Reading his book. Good for us. 

Then Zita made her own other little office. For her making clothes machine. 

In the basement. Just for her. 

We did not go for our before dinner walk.

Because it was way way too rainy. 

And the telephone said there was a giant wind and you have to be careful.

Or you might just be blown all away forever. Oh dear.

And then there was very loud thunder too. 

So I got up on the big bed and stayed right on Zita’s spot. On her comfy pillows. Ha. 

Then I was not so scared of the thunder. 

I think we will watch the detective again tonight. Maybe I will have a nice nap. 

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty

Everybody had a very quiet day today. Me too.

I did not even want to go for a good morning walk. So I had a nice nap instead.

Then Mister Paul came to my house so he and Craig could go to our beautiful park for their coffees.

With all their very old friends too. Ha. 

Zita drove Niamh to her beautiful clothes store. 

Because it is too hot for a fast bicycle ride. And Zita does not want Niamh to go on the smelly bus.

Because not everybody knows all the do not get sick rules. Oh dear me.

I stayed here and minded my friend Emmet. He was still fast asleep. Ha.

When Craig got home Zita was making our house as clean as can be. 

And when Craig was not as hot as can be he took away all the lots dust. With his fluffy brush.

I do not know where the dust comes from. Maybe in the mail. Maybe. Oh well. Too bad for him.

When Zita was using the noisy clean the floors machine I went outside. It is only a bit too hot today. 

It is not so very noisy when I am outside and the machine is inside. Ha.

Zita put some of our beautiful flowers back right in front of our window. 

That was a good idea. 

After lunchtime I played catch the ball game with my friend Craig. And we played it two times.

Because it is a beautiful day outside today. All day. Ha, that is a good day.

The silver little car would not start this morning. 

Because it’s battery was just all dead. So Craig and Zita put a machine on it. 

And after a while the battery will be all alive again. 

But that machine only works with batteries. It does not work on people. 

That is because batteries cannot go right away to heaven. 

So you can make them alive again. But not people. Oh well.

Because people are not here anymore. They are already gone all the way to way way far away Heaven.

I think you can go vary fast when you are all dead. Oh well. Too bad for us. 

The black go fast car took Zita downtown to find Niamh. Before she melted. Ha. 

I went into the big bedroom for a nice nap.

Because Zita just put brand new sheets on the bed. New sheets are my favourite.

Because they smell the best. Ha. Good for me.

When Niamh came back here she did not come in our house when she got home. 

She went to Lee and Cara’s house instead.

Because she is minding Mister Disney. So he will not get too scared when he is all by himself. 

Now we cannot have our altogether dinner tonight. Oh well.

When the black car was back Zita and I went for a not so short before dinnertime walk. 

Because I was too tired this morning to go for our good morning walk. Oh well. 

Maybe we will watch the gets in trouble all the time detective again tonight. Ha. 

Friday, 31 July 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty Nine

We did not have a sleep in today.

Because it is still our go to work day. Oh well.

The nice man came this morning and finished Emmet’s window. 

So now everything is all finished. Ha. Good for us. 

Now we just have to put all our beautiful flowers back. 

Lee and Cara and their parents went to a not very near cottage this morning.

But Disney their little dog could not go. 

Because he is too small and maybe a bear might chase him. And then he would just be all lost. 

In a giant full of trees forest. That would not be all right.

So Niamh is going to stay in their house to mind Mister Disney. Even all night. 

Because Mister Disney does not like to be all by himself very much. 

So Miss Tarryn is going to there to help her too.

Zita did not have her good morning to everybody meeting today. I do not know why.

But Craig made her the special fluffy coffee anyway. 

Then later Craig and I had a very fat toast. With the very tasty strawberry jam on top. 

Zita and the go fast car took Niamh to her job. Right downtown. 

I stayed here so I could help Emmet make his cheesie bagel breakfast. Ha. Good for me. 

We had a very nice just quiet day. All day.

We played catch the ball. In my side yard.

Because it was a beautiful full of sheep clouds day today. And not even hot.

Then I had a long lovely nap. 

While Craig put his feet in the wavy water machine. So his feet would be squeaky clean too. 

When our rascal ladies work was all finished I took Zita and Profesor Jill and the little dog on a lovely long before dinner walk. Good for me.

When we were all back home I was a very hot dog.

But my own bowl was filled right up with nice cold water. So I was not all too hot. 

Zita had to use the very loud blow everything everywhere machine. Just before dinnertime. 

Because our side yard was too full of the fall everywhere berries. I could not be a big help. Oh well.

Then it was just the right time for the black car to go downtown to find Niamh.

But we will not have our together dinner tonight because Niamh has to mind Mister Disney.

And keep him company. Even for his dinner. Oh well. 

So I only had to mind Craig and Zita and Emmet tonight. That is an easy job. 

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Day Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty Eight 

Craig and Zita and I got up very early this morning.

Because Mister Charles and his helper and the nice man with his digging machine were here.

Even before our breakfast. Oh goodness me.

So everybody got dressed right away. Except for Emmet and Niamh. They were still all fast asleep.

The nice man brought his truck. With a giant trailer. Ha.

And he put lots and lots of dirt back into the very big hole. 

And then he filled up his trailer with all the extra dirt and lots of just broken bits. Ha.

Now we do not have a giant hole anymore. 

Tomorrow they are going to put more wood around Emmet’s window. Then it will be all finished. 

Zita and I watched them today. 

Right from my watching window. 

Then she had to go to her good morning to everybody meeting.

So Craig made her special fluffy coffee. Just for her meeting.

And then Craig and I had our together toasts. 

With tasty jam. 

With the very heavy especially for toasts bread. That was a good breakfast.

When I was all filled up with toasts I went to our rascal ladies office. 

Because I am Zita’s very best helper assistant. Ha. That is my best job.

At lunchtime Zita went out and came back with more bread from the delicious treats bakery store.

Then she and Craig went on their adventure walk.

It is not a very hot day this afternoon. 

That is a good day for an adventure walk. Ha. 

I stayed here to mind Emmet and Niamh. 

And they were all awake before lunchtime. Ha. Good for them.

Craig took a picture of my pond. From the other end. When he was on his adventure walk.

You can even see my house. 

But you cannot see me.

Because I am still inside minding everything. Ha.

But you can see the way too tall building. In it nearly all finished. 

Craig says it is a very silly building. I do not know why.

My friends the ducks swim in our pond all the time. It is their favourite pond. That is good.

When they got home I had a very nice lay me down in the hall. 

So I could mind Craig and Zita at the same time.

But then there was some loud nasty thunder so I just minded Zita from our bathroom. 

The nasty thunder does not know where I am when I am in the bathroom. 

Because there are no windows so it cannot see me. Ha. 

And it stayed at my house for a long time. And lots of rain too. That is not all right.

Craig did not mind because nasty thunder does not scare him. That is good. 

I think we will have an altogether dinner tonight. That is good.

I did not go for a before dinner walk. 

Because maybe the thunder might have seen me. Oh dear me. I would not like that. 

Zita only went for a little bit of a walk before the rain found her. Too bad for her.

Then Niamh came home and I helped everybody with our own made pizzas. 

With lots of Mister Saint Albert’s just for pizza cheese. Ha. 

I am always a big help in the kitchen. Good for us.